Kit Harington Thinks Game Of Thrones Writers Are Cruel


It’s not only the fans of the popular TV show Game of Thrones that are constantly anticipating the death of their favorite character, but the same seems to be the case with the cast.
Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, claims the whole cast lives on the edge because the writers keep simulating fake death scenes.

He stated that the writers are trying to encourage stars to think about life after the series.
That’s the reason why nobody in the series feels safe since they never know when they’re going to get killed and consequently fired.

Kit explained, “We all flip through the scripts when we get them to see if we live or die, but the writers are very cruel;
they sometimes write fake scenes to kill someone off and then that actor will be kind of out of a job and scared.”

He continues, “People caught on to this… so now no one knows whether they actually die or not; you read it and go, ‘Is this a joke or do I actually die?’”

Not even Harington’s sure whether he’s staying for the upcoming fourth season of the show. “I can’t tell you. I could be out of a job right now,” Kit added.

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