Kim Kardashian’s Super Power Is Smelling Out Cavities!


In case you were wondering what Kim Kardashian’s name would be if she were a superhero, it would definitely be Cavity Woman. Apparently, the reality TV superstar has a heightened sense of smell that allows her to smell cavity on other people’s teeth, believe it or not.

People Magazine writes that KK already talked about this ability on her Twitter account both in 2009 and 2010, when she wrote that she can notice if somebody in her car has a cavity. A very unorthodox talent, to say the least, but Kim was never the one to leave us bored.

She goes on to say that she can sense if somebody has a cavity just from talking to a person, though it doesn’t resemble bad breath, but is a distinct strong smell that overwhelms her.

We’re not really sure what to comment to this claim, except do not approach Kim Kardashian if you have cavities, she will know and probably find an ingenious way to shame you for it.

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