Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Sex Position Is Pretty Nasty

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English fashion model Cara Delevigne has recently become a contributing editor to LOVE Magazine and interviewed the most popular reality TV star ever, Kim Kardashian.

Since the two celebrities are friends in real life, Kardashian opened up about herself more than usual. For instance, we learned that the socialite would really like to work with a private investigator.

She even asked a hot-shot lawyer to let her know when he takes an important murder case. Although Bob Shapiro, lawyer on the defense council for O.J. Simpson, didn’t get back to her, Kim is still certain that she could easily solve crimes.

The wife of Kanye West also revealed that she ‘always pees all over’ her Spanx because ‘they aren’t crotchless enough!’

Finally, when Delevigne asked her what animal she would be, Kim concluded that she would be a seahorse. After the young model and editor pointed out that a seahorse could have sex with itself, Kim excitedly said that she has always wondered what that was like.

In addition, Kim’s fav sex position is from the back.

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