Kim Kardashian Stays Warm In Fur Bikini

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Did you really think that Kim Kardashian was not going to try to one-up the recent Amber Rose bikini photos?

Rose, the model who used to date Kim’s husband Kanye and is recently divorced from rapper Wiz Khalifa, took pictures in an itsy bitsy bikini that set the Internet on fire this week.

And of course, Kardashian had to one up her, because that’s what she does. Kim posted photos on her Instagram account wearing a very small and incredibly revealing bikini made out of fur! Best of all, while Rose was in a tropical setting, Kardashian was wearing her furkini in the snow!

The photos, of course, were taken by Kanye West, who apparently loves the look. Even though 95 percent of her body is bare, Kim doesn’t look cold at all. Could the fur bikini really be that effective?

No news yet on who designed the garment and whether it’s available to purchase.

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