Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Instagram Secrets


Kim Kardashian is the most popular celebrity on Instagram with 28 million followers, 4.4 million ahead of heartthrob Justin Bieber and 100.000 ahead of Beyonce, the new queen of pop music.

Since she has definitely mastered the game of social media, we expect she can only be more popular in the future. And although most people can’t match her Instagram success because she’s super rich, super sexy and one of the most talked-about persons ever, Kanye West’s wife decided to let us in on some of her secrets. Here’s what she shared with The Hollywood Reporter:

  1. Don’t be too calculated. I don’t plan it out. If I’m feeling good about myself, and I like my outfit or hair and makeup or contouring, I will share it.
  2. Master your own domain. I don’t have help. No one else runs my social media. It’s whatever I feel like posting. From collages and screen grabs and cropping, it’s a whole process.
  3. Keep in touch with your family. I want to know what’s going on in [my sisters’] lives. I can look on Instagram and be comforted in knowing where Kendall is.
  4. Post pictures, not quotes. I don’t follow [other celebs] just because we’re friendly. I only like what inspires me. I don’t like it when people post quotes all the time.
  5. Promote yourself, not products. I try really hard not to promote products… I was obsessed with these waist shapers after I had a baby, so I would put those up… Some people post a couple times a day to promote their products, but I won’t.

Although these are good advice, we doubt that anyone can become as famous as she is just by following these tips. On the other hand, it can’t hurt you to try. After all, she is the queen of selfies and self-promotion.

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