Kim Kardashian Promises Naked Selfies Till Death


I think we can all agree that Kim Kardashian would not be as popular as she currently is if not for her predilection for taking nude photographs of herself and posting them on the Internet for the world to see.

Oh, and the sex tape helped a little too.

But the fact that she is completely fine with that somehow makes the reality celebrity endearing in a strange way. The fact that Kardashian embraces this is what truly makes her great.

And finally, that greatness was recognized. Kim won the prestigious Break the Internet Award at last night’s 2016 Webby Awards. If you aren’t familiar with the Webbys, they are basically the Grammys, but for people who are more important on the Internet than in real life.

Also, when accepting your award at the Webbys, your speech can’t be longer than five words.

Kardashian’s speech?

“Naked selfies until I die.”

We’ll take it.

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