Kim Kardashian Once Kissed Her Step Brother


If you are still out there watching the Kardashians and keeping a tab on them, you’ll know that something pretty weird was revealed during the last episode. It seems that the weirdness never stops with this family, but that’s why we tune in all the time.

Sure, just about anyone would want to kiss Kim, but would the circumstances be the same if it was your step brother. One of her step brothers, Brody Jenner, just revealed that his brother, who is also her step brother of course, Brandon actually kissed him once.

Of course, the person who started the conversation was Kim’s mom Kris Jenner. It seems that she is always the one who is getting the family into talking about the most awkward personal situations.

Kris was joking, we think, about Brody having a crush on Kim. And because of that Brody felt the need to respond and tell the world that it not like he kissed her or anything. But that didn’t end there – he said that his brother Brandon kissed Kim once.

We wonder if Kanye is going to be upset by this and if he’s maybe going to want to fight Brandon. Well, Kim does have her share of exes that have done a lot worse than kissed her, so we don’t expect any real beef.

It just seems funny that this family is willing to embarrass its family members so easily for the sake of television rations.

When Kris joked that Brody was “crushing on Kim,” Brody quickly retorted, saying that Brandon, his older brother, who is 33, actually had a “thing” for Kim at one point.

After Brody dropped the bombshell that the two had kissed once, Brandon of course did not admit it and said that it was not true.

And you could tell that everyone was uncomfortable. So Brandon did what anyone would do in that situation. He tried to change the topic. Brandon then started talking about his vacation plans and what beautiful islands were on the agenda.

And thankfully for him, the topic of his and Kim’s kiss never came up again. And we bet that he hopes that the topic never will.

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