Kim Kardashian Is Obsessed With Spandex


We get that Kim Kardashian is really proud of her body. Sure, it’s no easy task to get back into shape twice after giving birth and we’re glad that the reality celebrity loves showing off those curves.

But maybe she needs to cool off with the spandex for a bit. We’ve noticed over the last year or so that she pretty much wears nothing but super tight-fitting clothes no matter the occasion or location. Whether it’s biker shorts, long dresses or jumpsuits, it’s good as long as it sticks to her skin.

Kim continued this trend over the weekend, wearing an all gray body suit of a dress to the airport along with her hubby Kanye West. Thankfully, Kanye hasn’t adopted her love for all things tight.

But that doesn’t mean that West doesn’t have a say in what she wears. This ensemble is a good example, because if you look at her feet, you’ll see that she is wearing the new Yeezy Season 2 boots, which are part of her rapper-turned-fashion-designer husband’s new collection.

They cost $995 retail, by the way.


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