Kim Kardashian Hit With FDA Warning


Kids, pay attention to what you write on the internet where everyone can read it – especially if you’re a globally famous celebrity with millions of fans who will blindly listen to everything you say. If you’re confused, don’t worry – we were at first as well.

Apparently, there was a post on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram profile back in July in which she explained how Diclegis, a morning sickness drug, is a phenomenal thing and she failed to mention any risks or downsides of consuming it. If that’s not enough, she also mentioned how “it’s been studied and there was no increased rick to the baby.”

First of all “risk” is written with an S and second of all…what the actual fudge are you talking about? Diclegis hasn’t been studied in women with hypermesis gravidarum, a pregnancy complication characterized by nausea, vomiting, dehydration and other god-awful symptoms.

And god knows what other downsides it has, that we’ve yet to discover. Get your facts straight and then post on the internet, for the sake of other people’s lives. Anyhoo, the FDA sent her a letter in which they made her remove the post under threat of seizure or injunction. Thankfully, she has.

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