Kim Kardashian Has Swollen Pregnancy Ankles Again


Remember back in 2013 when reality star Kim Kardashian was massively pregnant but didn’t want to give up her flare for style? You would probably remember if you saw the picture of her massively swollen ankles being stuffed into terribly uncomfortable heels.

Well, several years have passed, Kim is pregnant again, but it seems that she has actually learned from her past experiences. She is about six months along the way, and her ankles are swollen again. They are basically cankles at this point. But thankfully, she is not putting any more strain on them then she has to this time.

She was seen outside of a hotel in San Diego with visibly swollen ankles, but thankfully much more sensible footwear. This time, Kim chose to rock fuzzy slippers, a much better choice when it looks like your legs are about to explode. Live and learn.

Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?

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