Kim Kardashian Had Sore Back After Famous Champagne Glass Shoot

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First off, a disclaimer: you should not try what Kim did with the champagne glass on her butt, or else you’ll end up with a bunch of broken glass and a sore back. Even Kim says it was exhausting, and her butt is most likely much more prominent than yours.

The reality star said in an interview for Channel 1’s The Project that the photoshoot she did with the famous photographer Jean-Paule Goude was nothing short of exhausting.

Just try balancing a glass on your bottom, while standing, in a long, tight gown. Or better yet, don’t try it at all. Just imagine it.

However, Kim says she’s happy she did the shoot. Goude is a great inspiration for her and she wanted to do something artsy. She also said that she wanted to do something different and feel good and confident about herself and her body after pregnancy.

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