Kim Kardashian Disses Caitlyn Jenner In New Teaser For “I Am Cait”


What better way to start off a celebrity gossip day than with a classic case of he said-she said? Today we have Kim Kardashian versus Caitlyn Jenner. And it’s a standard example of what celebrities do when they get butt-hurt over something somebody said a very long time ago.

Apparently, Kim lashed out at Caitlyn in the announcement for the second episode of “I Am Cait”, a show dealing with Caitlyn’s transition into a woman. She accused Caitlyn of “bashing” the Kardashians because Jenner told Vanity Fair how her ex-wife (who happens to be Kim’s mother) “wasn’t very nice”.

Kim now thinks that Caitlyn is deliberately attacking her family to get more publicity and fame. Nobody knows what all the fuss is about, seeing as the above-mentioned interview happened quite some time ago, but Caitlyn seemed taken aback after Kim’s comment. According to sources, the remarks were even stronger off-camera.

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