Kim Kardashian Becomes Most-Followed Person On Instagram


What a time to be alive people, what we’re witnessing here is the next big bang! Who cares about some theory of relativity, new planets or the construction of the first map of the human epigenome? Kim Kardashian has an impressive 44 million followers on Instagram, and she even surpassed Beyonce who has 43.9 million followers, stop the press!

It would seem that there was a contest for the title of the ‘queen’ of Instagram, and Beyonce Knowles was holding the throne for quite some time now. After all, she’s a real music diva, and together with Jay-Z, they might just be one of the most popular pairs nowadays. But now Kim’s booty-shaken her way to fame and pretty much every person on the planet has heard of her or her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Oh, and the show I Am Cait should be mentioned here as well.

In any case, congratulations to Kim Kardashian for being the most popular woman on Instagram. She attracted more than 15 million followers in just six months, and really ‘broke the internet.’

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