Kim Doesn’t Want To Share Her Millions With Kanye


Since Kanye West revealed to the world via Twitter how much money he owes (a whopping $53 million, to be precise), we’ve wondered how it’s even possible for a celebrity that used to be filthy rich to end up in such serious debt. We’ve also wondered why he simply doesn’t borrow some cash from his wife, who’s is incredibly wealthy, and it seems that we’ve got our answer: Kim doesn’t want to share her money with Kanye.

Kanye claims that he got himself into this situation by “investing into fashion.” In a series of tweets, the rapper begged Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to “invest” $1 billion dollars into him. Because of his current financial misfortune, it looks like Kim is responsible for supporting their family.

When considering this fact, keeping her money locked away from Kanye is probably the smartest thing she’s ever done in her life. We aren’t too worried about Kanye, though; all he has to do is stop “investing into fashion” for a while and he’ll be swimming in money again in no time.

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