Kim And Kanye Take North To Australia Zoo


The famous duo, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, took their baby girl to Australia Zoo in Queensland and had an amazing time.

The smiling family was first photographed at the crocodile show, but eyewitnesses captured other memorable moments as well.

Additionally, Kim was so excited to be at the venue that she posted a picture of herself hugging a koala on Instagram.

People at the zoo were also excited to see the Kardashians and said they seemed like a tight loving family.

‘It was pretty exciting [to see them], it seemed like they were having a great time.  They were on a private tour of the different enclosures – there were lots of sections cornered off and they had a huge entourage.  At one point Kim got up to pat a Cheetah, but Kanye stayed with North as they don’t let children near the big cats.  They seemed like a tight loving family.’

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