Kim and Kanye Buy Another Mansion


If there is anything that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West love more than themselves, it’s buying lavish mansions. They just bought another one in California that is worth over $20 million. According to sources close to the power couple, Kim wants a home that is close to her mother’s place in Los Angeles.

The mansion has several pools, eight bedrooms and the couple now even own their own vineyard.

The mansion is in the same neighborhood in which Kim’s mother lives, however, it’s a different gated community. The main reason for this is probably because Kim is going to want to have her mother take care of the child a lot, and being this close makes it a lot easier.

The mansion is spread out across three acres of land. There are multiple wings and the pool house alone is bigger than most normal suburban houses.

There is a huge master suite for the couple, with separate bathrooms and closets for each of them, which is of course a necessity. The master suit also has its own gym, steam room, sauna and a private spa as well. The home includes its own movie theatre, some game rooms, a fully functioning bar and a total of eight fireplaces, even though it’s in California.

Most of the hallways are lined with very expensive art and there’s even a library include within the home, just so that they can continue to participate in culturally uplifting activities as well.

The couple were looking for a home with a lot of land and very tight security, this was the perfect option. The outdoor area is just as entertaining, with several pools and huge areas that include BBQ areas and places to play sports such as basketball and tennis.

They weren’t done with the fireplaces in doors; there are two more outside, bringing the grand total of fireplaces on the property to over ten.

According to sources, the home has a musical past as well, which might have been why Kanye liked it. According to people close to the realtors who sold the home, the estate was once owned by Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the King of Rock.

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