Kim And Kanye Are Done With Making Babies


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are apparently going to have to stop at two kids, seeing as another pregnancy could seriously harm both the mother and the baby. According to Kim’s doctors, the chances of something going wrong during her next pregnancy are just too high and the couple shouldn’t even consider making another baby.

However, it seems that both Kim and Kanye are fine with having only two kids. Kim has already spoken about the difficulties she went through while she was carrying North and Saint, suffering from placenta accreta. Her doctors told her she would certainly suffer from the life-threatening condition if she got pregnant again, which would put her and her baby’s lives at risk.

Kim’s also been honest about the birth itself, saying that she’s terrified of another extremely painful delivery. Moreover, Kim and Kanye already have their hands full with their two bundles of joy and couldn’t possibly handle having another kid anytime soon. Maybe they’ll adopt when they are ready to expand the family, who knows?

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