Khloe Kardashian Debutes In Boyfriend’s New Single ‘Don’t Panic’


The 30-year-old reality star made her music video debut in French Montana’s latest single ‘Don’t Panic’, which premiered Wednesday night. 

Kardashian’s boyfriend talked to the Daily News about his relationship with the youngest Kardashian sister and her debut in the single.

That’s my Koko. She’s a real cool down to earth person. I don’t think a lot of people get to meet her to find that out.

The cover art for the single consists of four masked faces, one of them being Khloe’s.

It’s just the whole purge concept,” the rapper described the cover art, adding, “and us doing the video together. It’s the first video she ever did and it got a little spike.

But, don’t panic – Montana isn’t dating Khloe to spike his music career.

I don’t look at it like that.  She’s the funniest person ever.

About the Kardashians  he said:

When you’re in the limelight and you’re in that kind of position in life you’re always going to have haters. I feel like once you get to know them, they’re really like (some) of the dopest people ever.

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