Khloe Kardashian Catches Staph At Hospital


The latest development in the Odom-Kardashian-Harden Saga is that Khloe apparently caught a super serious staph infection while visiting Lamar in the hospital. It is just another chapter in the story that we have been covering for more than we care to remember now and which started with Odom’s hospitalization some time ago.

We are not doctors here at CelebrityDirt, but it seems like a standard case of someone going for a visit to the hospital with a tiny cut and then contracting something really serious because it’s a hospital. In Khloe’s case, she has been in the hospital quite often and her cut seems to have developed into a lesion, together with high fever, sweating and swollen glands.

According to a source who talked to TMZ, Khloe is scary sick. Sick enough to cancel a few appearances on her book tour.

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