Kevin Hart Involved In Strip Club Scuffle


Kevin Hart was in Canada this weekend and when in Canada, you do as Canadians do, right? Well, not really. Namely, the famous comedian went to a strip club up in the north and things got a bit heated at one point. More precisely, things got a bit heated at the moment Kevin and his crew were trying to get out.

According to the sources, Kevin’s bodyguards were parting the crowd (a la Moses), making room for the actor to vacate the club. Security personnel in the club didn’t like this one bit and they pushed back. In all this mess, they made it outside where the scuffle continued.

Kevin grabbed a phone of a random person who was filming him and threw it away. Then, as Kevin and the crew got into their SUV, a waitress came out of the club, demanding they pay the $65 bill and they refused.

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