Kevin Bacon Uses 6 Degrees To Remember His Co-workers


Kevin Bacon, the star of Footloose, has an interesting way of remembering his co-workers. He actually uses a website that was created to connect him to many co-stars, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. He uses it whenever he needs to remember who he’s worked with.
This actor wasn’t always fond of the parlor game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon when the game was created by his fans recreating Kevin’s roles. After the website was created, Kevin started using it to his advantage. He’s now connected to everyone he has ever worked with.
He explained what kind of a relationship he has with the other actors.
“On my new (TV) show (The Following) there are a lot of actors that come through, partly because I end up killing a lot of them… and I wanna make them feel welcome and I wanna make them feel at home.”
Kevin made fun about the periodic lack of his memory and said, “Maybe it’s because I’m getting older… but I don’t always remember the people that I’ve worked with, so I’ve learned that I can use the worldwide interweb to actually check their Bacon number.”
He explained how this website helps him in everyday life, especially on the set.

“I go on one of these sites… and sure enough it pops up and it will tell me if I’ve worked with this person or not, and then I can walk right in the make-up trailer and say, ‘Hey, how ya doin? Good to see you. Remember we did that thing…’”
Talk about looking on the bright side of things.

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