Kendall Jenner And D’Angelo Russell “Just Friends”


There have been rumors circling for a while not that Kendall Jenner is dating Los Angeles Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell. But according to sources close to both parties, it’s just not true. The two did meet briefly earlier this year and do end up running into each other every now and then, but according to both sides, there’s nothing going on.

Sources close to Jenner say that while Russell is a nice enough guy, she’s just not into him.

Jenner was recently at a Lakers game, which is why the rumors have been running rampant. But according to sources, Jenner was actually there to hang out with one of her friends who is married to a player from the Dallas Mavericks, who the Lakers were playing that night.

Russell was the second pick in this year’s draft and has a bright future ahead of him, so we shouldn’t really be worried about him. Maybe it’s better for his career not to get involved with anyone from the Jenner/Kardashian clan.

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