Kendall And Kylie Jenner Egged Down South


Kylie and Kendall of House Jenner were in Australia this week, bringing light to the Southern Hemisphere and making everyone’s lives that much better and richer by giving them a chance to overpay for stuff from their clothing line. The masses were there, following their every step and welcoming the Prophets of the House Jenner in a manner appropriate for their like only.

Unfortunately, in a suburban mall somewhere in Sydney, there happened to be a representative of the dark forces, a woman who did not share in the adulation of the House Jenner. Instead, she hurled some eggs at the Jenner younglings.

The Jenner girls were not directly hit and the lady in question was soon apprehended. She spat on the policemen and acted all crazy.

Because you have to be crazy not to worship the House Jenner.

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