Kelly Osbourne Struggled Through Pain On Talk Show


Kelly Osbourne never stopped smiling, even though she was in pain during a recent U.U. chat show Chelsea Lately.

She refused to wear any support for her fractured foot.

Kelly refused to walk out wearing a cast. Instead, she strapped on a favorite pair of high-heeled shoes. She was carried to the guest’s chair in a commercial break.

The fashionista told host Chelsea Handler, “I’m in too (much) pain to put the RoboCop boot on, so I’m placing the shoe on my foot and just sitting here like it’s normal but it really f**king hurts to walk.”

The TV personality picked up the injury on the treadmill.”

She added, “I was too busy staring at my reflection. (I was like), ‘You’re running, you look really good…’ and then I fell off and hit the mirror in the back.”

The 29-year old explained it away Sunday evening when she revealed she suffered a stress fracture and has to wear the foot brace for the time being.

Sharing a photo on her page of the new fashion accessory, the onetime Dancing With The Stars finalist posted, “#StressFractures are the worst! At least I get a cool #RoboCopBoot!”

And it has a somewhat lavender and grayish color as her hair, so she can color coordinate.

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