Kelly Clarkson Gets Emotional Announcing Pregnancy


Kelly Clarkson couldn’t wait to announce to the world that she is pregnant yet again. The former American Idol told a packed Staples Center last night that she is expecting once again.

She was singing her song “Piece By Piece” and all of a sudden got really emotional right in the middle of the song. This song is about her relationship with her father so it’s already emotional enough. She started talking about how supportive her husband has been to her and added that she’s pregnant again. She said that the announcement wasn’t planned, but since she already broke down a bit emotionally, she wanted to explain to the audience why.

Looks like the hormones are already kicking in! She said that they haven’t even told some of their friends and family yet, so some fans actually found out before some relatives. Kelly and her husband Brandon Blackstock already have a daughter, who was born back in 2014.

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