Kelly Clarkson Delivers An Emotional Performance On American Idol


Kelly Clarkson is without a doubt the most successful winner of the American Idol ever. In fact, she might just be the most successful winner of any talent show in the 15 or 20 years these shows have been around. Sure, they have spawned other celebrities, but none as great and loved as Kelly.

It was only logical that they would bring Kelly on as a guest judge this, the last season of American Idol. They chose the perfect episode, too – the first live episode of the season. Kelly came on and she immediately elevated the entire show.

The greatest moment came, however, when she got up on the stage and started singing, showing why she became this huge star following her win all those years ago. She performer Piece by Piece and both her and the celebrity judges all broke into pieces sobbing, from Keith Urban to J-Lo.

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