Kelly Clarkson Apologizes To Fans For Canceling 2015 Tour


Kelly Clarkson has apparently realized that being pregnant for the second time and participating in a tour that covers three continents is not the best of ideas. Her doctors advised her to take it easy, not just because of the pregnancy and all (like that isn’t enough), but because her vocal cords could go with some rest. She mentioned that she wasn’t really advised but more forced to cancel the tour, and added that it “kills” her. She also made a public apology to her fans, saying:

“I am truly sorry that I have to cancel the remainder of my tour dates. I was so looking forward to sharing this tour with all my amazing fans in Canada and the UK. Unfortunately, my doctor is telling me I have to stay on vocal rest, but I am working hard to get better as fast as possible.”

Sorry Australia, Ireland, Scotland, and England, looks like you’ll have to wait a bit for Clarkson to get better before you get a chance to hear her sing live.

Back to the pregnancy – this will be the second child of Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock – their first daughter River Rose is now 15-months-old, and they say they are absolutely ready for another kid, hoping for it to be a boy. We here at Celebrity Dirt, on the other hand, can only hope that the poor lad will have a normal name, unlike his sister. Seriously, what is it with celebrities and silly baby names?

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