Keanu Meets His Second Lady Home Invader


Keanu Reeves is known for his enigmatic displays of cool bordering with the kind of Zen you only read about in old Chinese scriptures – which makes us wonder how he reacted when his home was invaded for the second time in two days, both times by a female intruder.

The first one he caught in his library, sitting in his chair. It was the middle of the night and the woman probably made some noises that woke the actor up. The second time he wasn’t at home, but we are sure that this doesn’t make the whole deal any less creepy.

The second invader was naked, took a shower in Keanu’s bathroom and then decided to go skinny-dipping in his pool. The cleaning crew at the house noticed her and called Keanu, who then notified the police.

The house is not alarmed, which is probably something Keanu will have to rethink now.

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