Katy Perry Recommends Crystal Healing For Broken Heart


Singer Katy Perry says she is using crystals to heal the broken heart, after she saw pop icon Madonna recommended the therapy.

Madonna introduced Katy to crystal healing, which is an alternative medicine technique that could allegedly mend a variety of health issues through changing one’s energy field.

Katy, who split from John Mayer recently, now maintains the practice to keep herself in great shape on tour, and to help her find love again.

She said, “I’m a huge fan (of Madonna). I’ve got to know her recently and she’s incredible… She had given me some advice on how to maintain my health throughout the tour. She had given me a number for a crystal healer.

Everything stems from people’s energy so it makes sense. I sleep with a rose quartz in my hand at night. It’s supposed to help you find love and also heal your heart.”

In a recent interview with Time Out London Magazine, the star dished on her love life, saying that despite any rumors on dating, she made it clear that she’s actually not using Tinder.

“No. I’m not on Tinder,” she said.

“One of my good girlfriends is on Tinder and sometimes after we’re done gabbing about everything we’ll just scroll through it. I’ve only gone on it with one of my girlfriends who uses it to just sideswipe people.”

Perry was rumored to have been dating her friend DJ Diplo, but it’s reported that that has ended.

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