Katy Perry Dazzles As Super Bowl Halftime Show Star VIDEO


Katy Perry really gave it one hundred and ten percent as the main act performing during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and it’s hard to find anyone that watched the performance who is going to say that it was anything short of spectacular.

Perry even brought out a bunch of surprise guests from the 90s, which was nice to see. She rocked out with Lenny Kravitz and perform “I Kissed a Girl” backed by Lenny, who never seems to age by the age, and his rocking guitar.
And then see transitioned to a trippy beach scene where she was dancing and singing with sharks and what appeared to be intoxicated beach balls. Another highlight was when Perry brought out rap icon Missy Elliot to perform some of her hugest hits like “Get Ur Freak On.”

Perry ended the show by literally soaring across the stadium, riding a blazing star that seemed to be just like the one from those old “The More You Know” commercials.


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