Katt Williams Loses Fight With 7th Grader


Katt Williams has hit the headlines once again, this time for starting a fight with a 7th grader. The troubled comedian apparently has no intention of changing his ways, as we can see from the viral video in which he actually sucker punched a teen and ended up on the ground.

Social media is expectedly on fire, with some Twitter users condemning his erratic behavior and others making fun of him for getting choked out by someone who can’t even legally drive or drink alcohol.

Here are some reactions from Twitter:

This incident comes just one week after a woman accused Williams of assaulting her and other women in his Malibu home. The problematic celebrity has also recently been accused of holding a bodyguard hostage, fighting at a Beanie Sigel gig in Philly and holding several women at gunpoint in Atlanta.

Check out the video here:

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