Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Dating

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They could be the next big power couple in Hollywood. According to reports, celebrity A-listers Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are officially dating.

This was confirmed by Claudia Jordan, who you might know from “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She is close friends with Foxx and claims that he and Holmes are definitely an item.

However, the rumors that they are engaged and expecting a child are not true, as far as we know.

The romance apparently started three years ago, when they were seen dancing at a charity event – the 4th Annual Apollo in the Hamptons.

Foxx has denied the rumors for a long time, saying that he and Tom Cruise’s ex-wife are just friends and that they are working together on an animated project. But sources close to the celebrities say that they have been seeing each other secretly for years now, hooking up on the regular.

Their encounters are always very well planned so that no one would suspect anything. Hopefully, they’ll make it official soon. We’ll have to wait and see.

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