Katherine Heigl Drops $6 Million Lawsuit Against Duane Reade


In April 2014, actress Katherine Heigl filed a lawsuit against convenience store chain Duane Reade, which she has now dropped. She sued them for using a paparazzi picture of her while she was carrying branded bags from Duane Reade. They also shared those pictures without her permission on the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Reportedly, she requested $6 million. In documents filed at the Manhattan Federal Court, she claimed that the company violated NY’s social statues, which protect the use of likeness for purpose of trade.

Apparently, she dropped the lawsuit after they reached an agreement. The company will donate an unspecified amount of money to the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, in return for her dropping the charges. After a tragic death of her younger sibling in 1986, Katherine and her mother started an animal welfare philanthropy.

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