Kate Del Castillo Claims Sean Penn Lied To Her


In yet another twist in the whole Sean PennKate del CastilloEl Chapo story, the telenovela actress is now claiming that the famous actor lied to her in order to gain access to the most notorious drug lord in the world. She says that he never mentioned the fact he was there to do an interview for Rolling Stone.

According to del Castillo, Penn came over pretending to be interested in the movie El Chapo was trying to make and which was his initial motivation to contact del Castillo. Penn told her that his star power would be the thing that would convince the drug lord to greenlight the idea.

Kate added that Penn told her about the whole interview thing with only minutes to go before the meeting with El Chapo and she is convinced he put her in danger for nothing.

Of course, according to Penn’s people, this is all pure nonsense.

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