Kate Beckinsale Says Michael Bay Body-Shamed Her


Now we’ve heard it all. According to British bombshell Kate Beckinsale, she was the subject of body-shaming. To make matters worse, it was coming from movie director Michael Bay.

Beckinsale said that while she was filming the “Transformers” movie with Bay, he made comments about her looks and her weight. Fox News reported that she talked about it on UK talk show “Graham Norton Show.”

Beckinsale said that she had just given birth before the movie was set to film and that she was told that she was going to have to work out, even though she had lost most of her pregnancy weight already.

The actress added that she didn’t understand why her character, a nurse from the 1940s, needed to have a rock-hard body for the part.

If you’ve been keeping up, Bay has had a history of saying terrible things about female celebrities and people like Megan Fox have said that the director is a nightmare to work with.

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