Kasem’s Daughter Granted Visitation Rights


The daughter of beloved U.S. radio and TV host Casey Kasem, is now allowed to regularly visit her father. This comes as the end of a longtime battle against her stepmother over his medical care.

Kerri Kasem was caught up in a legal war with the star’s wife, Jean, over the care of the 82-year old. He is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and now, the Washington judge ordered Jean to allow Kerri to regularly visit her father, daily, for up to an hour.

Kerri is also granted a permission to have him checked by a doctor.

Kitsap County Judge Jennifer Forbes also ruled Casey needs to stay in Washington, unless a deal could be struck for him to return to California.

In May 2014, his daughter was appointed her father’s official caretaker, only a few days after she filed a missing person report. She was afraid her father was kidnapped by his wife Jean.
Another hearing is scheduled for June 6.

More on the family feud, Kasem’s wife has thrown raw hamburger at Kerri as she took away the radio DJ to a hospital for treatment. This is a quite bizarre development in a long and ugly family feud.

His second wife, Jean, admitted to hitting Kerri Kasem with a pound of meat as paramedics came to take away 82-year old star.

She even said she got the idea from the Bible.

“In the name of King David, I threw a piece of raw meat into the street in exchange for (giving) my husband to the wild rabid dogs,” the 59-year-old told NBC News.

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