Karrueche Tran: Chris Brown Used Me To Make Rihanna Jealous (VIDEO)


Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown have officially split, and now Tran is starting to question whether their relationship ever meant anything to being with. Sources close to Tran say that she now believes that Brown actually never really cared for her, and that he was just using her to make his former girlfriend Rihanna jealous.

Tran is really having a difficult time with it. First, she found out that Brown fathered a child with another woman while they were together, which is why she decided to break up with him. And now she has too much time on her hands and is thinking about the relationship and replaying things in her head over and over, which is driving her mad.

The model believes now that she was nothing more than a rebound girlfriend that Brown was using to try and get under the skin of his famous ex, pop star Rihanna. Tran’s girlfriends have told her that there’s a good chance that Brown never loved her, citing that if he did have feeling for her that were strong, he would not have cheated on her. And most importantly, he would not have hidden the fact that he had a daughter with another woman.

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