Kardashians Worried Rob Might Be Off The Wagon


After quite some time of Rob Kardashian being out of the spotlight, he is back in style, dating Blac Chyna much to the chagrin of his sister Kylie and, at least according to the rest of the Kardashian Konglomerate, once again doing stupid stuff. Like taking drugs.

According to TMZ sources, an unnamed former acquaintance of Rob’s (back from his partying days) called up a member of the Konglomerate, telling them that the only male child in the family is back to his old habits, calling up random folks and looking to score drugs.

The Kardashains have reportedly pulled their ranks and they are blaming Blac Chyna for this recent development, saying that she is a bad influence. Her recent arrest for drug possession at Austin International Airport sure gives credibility to their stance.


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