Kardashian Sisters Sued For $200 Million


The “original” Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have left a trail of semi-failed businesses behind them and not even we can keep tabs on all of them. Well, one of those semi-failed businesses is reaching out from behind, grabbing them and asking for $200 million.

The plaintiff is a company by the name Hillair Capital Management who partnered with the sisters back in the day, investing $10 million in “Kardashian Beauty”, a line of cosmetics products that the sisters had launched previously in partnership with a company called Boldface.

The reason why Hillair Capital Management is now suing the Kardashian Konglomerate is that the sisters failed to promote the line on social media like they were supposed to. According to the papers filed, the company lost nearly $200 million because of this and they are not taking it any longer. This feels like one of those celebrity news that will keep on giving for months to come.

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