Kanye West’s Studio Got Robbed


Kanye West is really angry right now. His studio in California just got robbed, and, according to reports, the thieves left with over $20,000 worth of equipment!

Music Times is reporting that the burglary occurred last Monday night. The studio is located in Calabasas, California, which is where West invites all of his key collaborators to hang out and work.

The studio is located very close to his home. It’s where he recorded most of his last album “The Life of Pablo.”

The robbers were apparently mostly interested in technology, and walked away with many of West’s biggest and most expensive laptops and desktop computers after prying open the door.

Fortunately, all of the computers are well protected, and West believes that no one is going to be able to crack them and get sensitive information out of them.

The celebrity rapper also believes that it might have been an inside job performed by someone very close to him – someone who workers there and has access to the studio on a regular basis.

It can’t be easy for him, considering that he’s recently claimed that he’s terribly in debt.

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