Kanye West Rushed To Hospital


Kanye West was rushed to hospital in Melbourne, Australia, after suffering a severe migraine. However, following an emergency MRI scan, he was back on stage the very same night.

Despite reports that his emergency admission was potentially serious, a source told Woman’s Day magazine that his hospitalization was never a big issue.

“Kanye just had a headache and wanted to be extra clear for his show. It wasn’t seizures or anything like that.”

West was reportedly admitted to hospital around 2:30 p.m. after suffering a migraine while playing basketball, and was given an urgent MRI scan.

After a checkup, West left the hospital and, recovering swiftly, was back on stage a few hours later, for his “Yeezus” show gig at the Rod Laver Arena.

West, who is in Australia with wife Kim K and daughter North West, plays two dates in Sydney this week and finishes his tour in Brisbane on Monday, September 15.

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