Kanye West Is In Serious Debt, Asks Mark Zuckerberg and Larry David For Money


Kanye West is definitely one of the most controversial celebrities in the world today. Utterly convinced that he’s brilliant at…well, almost anything he tries to do, it’s perhaps a bit surprising to see him reveal a vulnerable side.

Turns out that the rapper/designer is in serious debt, $53 million to be precise, so now he’s asking people for money via social media. One of his first targets was billionaire internet entrepreneur and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, whom West asked for a loan via a Twitter post.

Then, several tweets later, when he realized Zuckerberg wasn’t all that interested, Kanye turned to Larry David. He didn’t reply either, but that didn’t stop Kanye from blasting out tweet after tweet, blaming various people for his financial misfortune. Our favorite one is definitely when he claimed that he doesn’t have enough “resources” to “create what he really can.”

Check out the ridiculous tweets below!

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