Kanye West Doesn’t Want To Spend The Holidays With Kim Kardashian


After spending Thanksgiving apart, Kim Kardashian probably thought that she would enjoy the Christmas season with her husband Kanye West.

However, the reality star might be in for a surprise since Kanye is still in Paris working on his new album.

To prove he’s not a complete douchebag, Kanye convinced Kim to join him in Paris and ditch Kris Jenner (the couple was supposed to spend the holidays in LA with Kim’s family).

Although he invited his wife to Paris, Kanye apparently plans to be in the studio for the whole time that Kim and baby North are with him in the capital of France.

A source told Radar Online about his plans:

“He’s never around, that’s the problem. For the holidays, she’s told him he has to spend time off with her and the baby and he’s not willing to do it and it’s causing a rift right now. When they got married, the deal was they’d spend time together with the baby. But he hasn’t kept up that promise. He’s super busy and continuing his crazy schedule.”

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