Kanye West Defends Bill Cosby


The Bill Cosby story has been going on for years, with dozens upon dozens of women from all walks of life and all age groups coming forward with their stories about how the once-beloved comedian assaulted them, raped them and did all kinds of nasty, evil stuff.

A number of people from the public arena have decided to stand up and say that Cosby is not the bad guy and Kanye West just became one of them. Yesterday afternoon, Kanye went on one of his Twitter rambles, touching upon so many subjects that only an insane person could follow it all. The highlight of the rant was the following tweet – “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!”

Unless Yeezy knows something the rest of the world doesn’t (which is always a possibility), that’s just not cool. Having a rapist’s back is simply not cool. As a publicity stunt, it is especially not cool. You just don’t do stuff like that.

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