Kanye West Announces Surprise Concert, Near Riot Ensues


If Kanye West says that there’s going to be concert in New York City, there’s going to be a concert in New York City.

The celebrity rapper was supposed to perform at the Governors Ball on Sunday night, but the event was canceled due to bad weather conditions. But it looks like West was really looking forward to performing for his fans from the Big Apple, because he immediately started to look for alternatives.

He eventually settled on Webster Hall as the location. West then tweeted that the show would be at 2am and that it was already sold out. But the rapper’s fans wanted to try and get in regardless. According to news reports, at about 1:45am, there was a sea of more than 4,000 fans standing outside of Webster Hall, hoping to have a chance of getting it, or at least seeing Kanye.

West did pull up in front of the venue and waved to the crowd, standing through the sunroof of his car. But it wasn’t meant to be in the end. The show was canceled police because of security concerns.

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