Kanye West And Paul McCartney To Record ‘Piss On Your Grave’


Rumor has it the two musicians, rock’n’roll legend Paul McCartney and rapper Kanye West, are teaming up to record a single with a rather provocative title ‘Piss On Your Grave’.

It has been reported by Page Six that their collaboration could even turn to a joint album. However, the lyrics and the owner of the grave have not been disclosed yet.

In 2013, Paul has said that he would gladly work with Kanye, and that he has bought Kanye’s and Jay Z’s latest albums. He also stated that Jay and Kanye are his rap idols at the moment. It is still not clear if Paul would rap on the song, but what has been disclosed is the info that the single will be out before the year ends.

Sources also share that the two became close friends, and Kanye was even seen in the audience at Paul’s gigs in Los Angeles recently.

Earlier this year Paul had health problems, and he was treated for a viral infection in Tokyo.

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