Kanye Is Releasing A Video Game

Kanye West

Kanye West went epic on us yesterday, dropping not only his new album called The Life of Pablo, but also his new clothing line. The biggest surprise of the biggest celebrity news of the day, however, was his announcement that he is also releasing a video game called Only One. Yep, you read it correctly. Yeezy is making video games now, too.

The video game, and we are not making this up, is about his deceased mom traveling through the gates of heaven. The trailer that he shared with his fans was not very revealing and we are still in the dark about the genre. If we had to put our money on it, we’d say it will probably be a platforming game.

The funniest thing about it (yeah, the mere idea is not even the funniest thing) is that the fans were less than enthusiastic and Yeezy got really pissed. He then went on a tirade how it’s not easy making a video game and how everyone fazed him out in San Francisco when he told them he was thinking about a video game.

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