Kanye Apologizes For Grammy Incident


What happened to the old Kanye West? This new Kanye West is far too nice and it’s starting to freak people out. Gone is the brash rap god of the past. It seems we are looking at a changed man, at least for this week.

Kanye did a very candid interview with The Breakfast Club were he started apologizing for artists that he has slagged in the past. Of course, he first apologized to Beck for the comments that he made about Beck not deserving the Grammy that he won.
Kanye said that he was grabbing a bite to eat with Taylor Swift and the Beck album was playing in the background. He listened and agreed that it was actually quite good.

And he wasn’t done there. Kanye also apologized to Bruno Mars, saying that even though he said negative things about him in the past, he now appreciates what Bruno does as an artist.
Are you ok, Kanye?

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