Kanye And North Can’t Keep Up With Kim


When Kim Kardashian planned to go shopping with hubby Kanye West, daughter North West and good celebrity pals Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, she must have imagined that they would all have such an amazing time together. However, it seems that Kim’s nearest and dearest can’t really keep up with her shopping abilities, as both Kanye and North fell asleep at West Hollywood’s Bel Bambini baby boutique this Sunday.

While she was busy sharing parenting tips to Teigen and Legend, showing them around the store and advising them on what to buy for the arrival of their first baby, Kanye and North wandered off into a quiet corner of the store, found themselves a comfy spot and decided to call it a day.

Kim, Teigen and Legend were apparently so excited about shopping for baby items that they failed to notice that Kanye and North weren’t there. At one point, Kim realized that her husband and daughter had been super quiet for quite some time, so she decided to investigate and learn their whereabouts.

Looking around the store for her family, the reality star finally found them. Guess Kanye and North really needed some time off!

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