Justin Bieber’s Fans Exchange Blows At Unlikely Place


Paris was the sight of a cat-fight ending in blood when a number of girl fans got into a brawl with each other over who has a better spot in front of a radio station.

The reason for this vast amount of females gathered in such a small place on Thursday morning was Bieber promoting his huge comeback single “What Do You Mean?”, and their desperate hope of having a chance of seeing the pop superstar in person. In a video captured at the scene, we can see a sheer display of rage and girls running amok because of their overwhelming desire to see Justin Bieber as clearly as possible.

So, naturally for a person obsessed with someone like Justin, the logical course of action is to simply punch the person next to you, if he/she is in any way obstructing your view. A truly remarkable display of fanaticism, wouldn’t you agree? After all, don’t take our word for it – just take a look at the video below.

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